Research in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Our growing research activity covers areas from infrastructure to the environment, attracting substantial funding to support our progress.

Research areas

Construction management

Our vision is to be a global leader in in construction contracts and management, construction lifecycles and other areas in this field. Learn more

Environmental Engineering

We explore the many aspects of water and environmental engineering, which is vital for many of our essential services. Learn more.

Geotechnical Engineering

Focusing on the interface between our built and natural environments. Learn more.

Hydraulic Engineering

Where multidisciplinary research is implemented to study how water forms and changes the environment. Learn more.


We're invested in the development and improvement of structural systems, with impact on the future of our cities. Learn more.

Transportation Research

We have a reputation for research excellence in our ability to secure major projects in the transportation field. Learn more.

Research Centres

Build Back Better

Build Back Better is a framework designed to take on post-disaster restructure and recovery in a practical manner. It was developed by two researchers in our department and the framework has soon been applied to communities globally. Learn more


QuakeCoRE is transforming the earthquake resilience of communities and societies, through innovative world‐class research, human capability development, and deep national and international collaborations. Learn more.

University of Auckland Centre for Earthquake Engineering Research (UACEER)

The purpose of this centre is to facilitate the coordination of earthquake engineering research projects within the department through a combination of research groups. The University of Auckland is a key partner institution in QuakeCoRE, and as such the activities of UACEER and coordination of earthquake engineering research has taken a more national viewpoint. Learn more.

Research facilities

Disaster Simulation Laboratory

A scenario training e-learning platform that simulates the work environment in relation to an incident (emergency or disaster). Learn more.

Environmental Engineering Laboratory

The lab provides access to a number of advanced instruments including chromatographs, detectors, nutrient and organic analysers. Learn more.

Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory

Provides an array of equipment for evaluating soil and rock properties supported with good data logging facilities. Learn more.

Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory

Providing specialised equipment for bed erosion studies and scour about obstructions in river beds. Learn more.

Structures Testing Laboratory

A purpose built structures hall capable of conducting a wide range of structures and earthquake engineering related experiments. Learn more.

Smart Digital Lab

A lab that uses emerging disruptive digital technologies and battle-hardened existing technologies, to explore, solve and teach complex engineering principles and problems. Learn more