Our department

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering holds the underlying belief that the best teachers are those constantly breaking new ground, a view supported by The University of Auckland’s philosophy of research-informed teaching.

Our department drives industry partnerships that enable cutting-edge learning. We build on our experience and the innovation of our researchers to provide the very best standards in research and learning.

The department’s academic researchers and PhD students have long been at the forefront of learning. In 2000, we formalised a link with the Computer Science Department, recognising the importance of software as an engineering discipline. In the future, we aim to extend our industrial liaison and multi-disciplinary research projects to include medicine and biology.

Courses and programmes are designed to ensure that our students will be successful when they enter their chosen industries. The focus of teaching is on specific technologies at undergraduate level, shifting to a strong research focus at postgraduate level.

As we move forwards, we hope to continue developing our relationships with industry – pairing Part IV student projects with industry, therefore aligning our students' theoretical skills with their ability to solve real-life problems – and subsequently, our community.