Our expertise, environments and opportunities retains our positions as both research pioneers, and experimenters at the forefront of a technological future.

Research areas

Embedded systems

The central theme for embedded systems research is high performance heterogeneous embedded systems (HES) that combine reactive (control-driven) and data-flow processing. Learn more.

Forensics and biometrics

Forensics and Biometrics is concerned with advancing the state of the art in signal processing methods and technologies as they are used in the fields of forensic and biometric analysis. Learn more.

Human Aspects in Software Engineering (HASEL)

Research projects focused on improving software practices and processes with focus on the human aspects of software engineering. Learn more.

Industrial Informatics and Automation (IIA)

We investigate the potential of distributed intelligent control architectures in various industrial application areas. Learn more.

Parallel and reconfigurable computing

High performance computing from the desktop PC to the supercomputer, exploiting multicore processors, FPGAs, clusters are just some of the research interests in this area. Learn more.

Power electronics

We are involved with the development of inductive power transfer (IPT), motor control, electric vehicles, power electronics systems and magnetic modelling. Learn more.

Power systems

We are exploring research concerned with all topical aspects of electrical power system engineering that includes monitoring, operation, protection, control and planning. Learn more.


Our long-term goal is to create robot assistants that will interact with and help humans. Robots need to be able to learn tasks from their human instructors, and carry out these tasks when the human requires it. Learn more.

Systems and control

In this field of research we have developed close links with the School of Biological Sciences, School of Medicine as well as other universities and industries in New Zealand. Learn more.

Telecommunications and electromagnetics

Research in this area focuses on areas of interest involving radio systems and microwave engineering and electromagnetics. Learn more.

Research facilities

Centre for Automation and Robotic Engineering Science (CARES)

CARES has proven experience in delivering high calibre multidisciplinary research to an international audience and fosters academic and industrial collaborations around the world. Learn more.

Distributed Embedded Intelligence Room (DEIR)

The room is a prototype intelligent space and it is the test bed for developing natural man-machine interaction technologies. Learn more.

Infomechatronics and Industrial Automation Laboratory

Developing prototypes of the 'next generation' controllers in factory automation. Learn more.

Robotics and Intelligent Systems Laboratory

Providing expertise in robot programming, human interaction and intelligent systems including artificial neural nets and speech communication. Learn more.

Speech processing and technology

State of the art equipment to study various aspects of speech and human biometrics. Learn more.