Our department

Established in 1968, the Department of Engineering Science started as a mathematics arm within our faculty. It has since grown into a recognisably successful research department in the country, offering two undergraduate specialisations in Engineering Science and Biomedical Engineering, whilst our postgraduate students benefit from our strong affiliations with the Geothermal Institute and Auckland Bioengineering Institute.

The department was originally located at the famed Ardmore site, but moved to City Campus along with the rest of the faculty, and is now based at the UniServices Building on 70 Symonds Street. 

Throughout the decades, we have been invested in combining the powers of human intelligence with advanced computing and mathematics to solve complex everyday problems. Our notable alumni – found in an increasingly broad array of fields – is evidence of that. Research expertise from our department has similarly been applied to many familiar aspects of our day-to-day lives: optimisation of ambulance response times, scheduling Air New Zealand's Crews, the America's Cup, and more. 

Beyond research, we're also committed to ensuring that we'll have the next generation of engineering scientists here to lead the way in our technologically-complex future. One of our main outreach projects include New Zealand's Engineering Science competition, an annual event that draws participation from groups of high school students from all over the country. With a hands-on approach and timely questions, a young audience can experience the relevance and accessibility of engineering to the real world.