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2018 best Part IV projects

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning | Sponsor: Crown

#135: Application of Machine Learning to business process automation in the meter to cash domain
Austin Sutherland and Ryan MacMillan

Control Systems | Sponsor: Rockwell Automation

#80: Development of the propulsion control hardware for autonomous marine survey drone
Boyi Ji and Xiaobo Yu

Embedded Systems | Sponsor: EROAD

#77: Touch sensitive game controller
Cameron McCarthy and Henry Scott Macdonald

Games and Education Aids | Sponsor: The Institution of Engineering and Technology

#39: Game-based learning of general troubleshooting/debugging strategies
Chen Li and Emily Chan

Games and Education Aids | Sponsor: inGame

#28: Web app for competitive coding assignments
Charles Carey and Nathan Kear

Green Energy Technologies | Sponsor: Fisher & Paykel

#45: Control and coordination of AC-DC power system with hybrid energy storage system
Benjamin Dunn and Shivam Patel

Human-Computer Interaction | Sponsor: Vista

#63: Hand-gesture based 3D navigation
Aprajit Gandhi and Karim Cisse

Image and Voice Processing | Sponsor: ElectroTest Ltd

#26: Automatic speech transcription web application
Chamara Ratnayake and Dylan Hall

Intelligent Systems & Industrial Informatics | Sponsor: Braemac

#13: Probabilistic fusion for localisation in GPS-denied applications/areas
Benjamin Yu and Jilada Eccleston

Parallel & Cloud Computing | Sponsor: Compucon

#99: Real-time object detection for the visually impaired
Eli Salter and Seoyoung Choi

Power Electronics and Electronic Systems | Sponsor: Tru-Test Group

#21: Sleep Mat-e: Electronic sleep mat
Arjun Kumar and Keison Tang

Power Systems | Sponsor: GCL

#106: Peer-to-Peer transactive energy model for New Zealand electricity consumers
Danyon Wye and Timothy Lopez

Radio Systems | Sponsor: RF Test Solutions

#17: Measurement of kiwifruit ripeness using radio waves
Alvin Huang and Tristan Newhook

Robotics | Sponsor: Cubic

#96: Companion robot focusing on multimodal emotional behaviour generation
Frederick Fogerty and Thomas Coupe

Signal Processing | Sponsor: Elecsyn

#88: Human activity recognition using wearable sensors
Lorenzo Datuin and Prashant Naicker

Smartphones & Tablet Applications | Sponsor: Hapara

#30: Smart phone based virtual fitness trainer
Jonathan Soulsby and Nathan Hur

Software Development Tools and Processes | Sponsor: Glidepath

#56: Scam call detection
Darius Au and Pulkit Kalra

Software Development Tools and Processes | Sponsor: Orion Health

#82: Self-triaging tool for improving healthcare accessibility
Junan Xia and Chaejung Bang

Telecommunications | Sponsor: Vodafone

#51: Development of RF exposure system for investigation of electromagnetic bio-interaction
Nathan Kinney and Vishwajith Nelumdeniya

Transport Technology | Sponsor: NZ Transport Agency

#129: Sustainable transport through digital technology
Eugene Fong and Jaedyn Damms

Web Tools & Applications | Sponsor: Spark NZ

#42: Data storage and visualisation tools for modern cancer drug development
Andrew Stewart and Tim Meyer-Smith

Wireless Power Techologies

#120: A wireless interface with combined contactless power and data transfer
Matthew Goodal and Tiffany Reynolds

Best Project Poster | Sponsor: IEEE

#99: A cloud-based object detection system for customisable surveillance
Eli Salter and Seoyoung Choi

Best Seminar - Day 1 | Sponsor: ECE

#110: Business card app
Samule Li and Harry Lim

Best Seminar - Day 2 | Sponsor: ECE

#53: Learning fundamental programming concepts without coding
Oliver Allen and Xavier Downs

Best Video - EEE | Sponsor: Ernst & Young

#1: Mobile Baxter
Roman Amor and Hamish O'Neill

Best Video - CSE | Sponsor: Ernst & Young

#87: Let's Make Music
Sakayan Sitsabesana and Aimee Tagle

Best Video - SE | Sponsor: Ernst & Young

#103: Emotional extraction using videos
Hang-Chi Chuk and Yao Jiamn Yap

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