Advanced and Nanomaterials Research Centre

The 21st Century has been called the “Nano Century” with intensive research in nanoscience and nanotechnology.

Our work involves collaborations with the Research Centre for Surface and Materials Science and Light Metals Research Centre. Most of our research involve the following broad areas:

  • Nanomaterials, metals, oxides, composites, and electronic materials
  • Surface science and engineering
  • Energy and environmental technology

Some of our projects have included investigations of nanocoatings, surface wear and corrosion resistance, porous materials, laser surface treatment, wastewater treatment, solar energy applications, and material properties such as conductivity. Overall, our focus is largely on the engineering and fundamental science of materials and surfaces, and in advanced electronic and nanostructured materials.

Recent research topics

  • High performance nanoparticle-reinforced composite coatings: understanding how nano-dispersion can be used to create stronger, high temperature-resistant materials and coatings
  • ZnO, V2O5, TiO2, WO3 thin films and low-D nanostructures for applications in electronic and photonic devices, wastewater and air cleaning, biosensors, solar cells, energy generation and storage, and environment protection
  • Development of an exceptionally ductile magnesium alloy for industrial applications
  • The use of nanomaterials as catalysts in environmental applications: research is being undertaken in areas such as reversible polymeric adsorption, solar-driven photocatalysis, UV photolysis, defective semiconductor photocatalysts, valuable materials recovery, and surface wettability control

Facilities and expertise


  • Unbalanced magnetron sputter
  • Extra low oxygen partial pressure generator/reactor
  • 1,800°C high temperature vacuum furnace and other furnaces
  • Mechanical alloying/powder processing facilities
  • Spinning and thermal spray coaters
  • Sol-gel system
  • Micro-arc deposition system
  • Vacuum induction melting furnace

Testing and characterisation

  • Electrochemical corrosion analytical system
  • Salt-fog corrosion chamber
  • Corrosion-wear testers
  • Thermal analysis system (DSC/TGA)
  • Nano-mechanical testing system
  • Electrical impedance tester
  • X-ray diffractometer


  • Light alloys
  • Surface coating
  • Electronic materials and devices
  • Thin oxide films and their applications
  • Corrosion and oxidation
  • Computer modelling of materials processing and performance

Our people