Distributed Embedded Intelligence Room

A prototype intelligence space and testbed for developing natural human-machine interaction technologies.

The Distributed Embedded Intelligence Room (DEIR) is a laboratory exploration and research platform, covering the topics required to build a small autonomous intelligent systems, able to function in the physical world. The room is a prototype intelligent space and it is the test bed for developing natural man-machine interaction technologies.

The room is equipped with a local network that connects all the equipment through smart switches. There are also different kinds of sensors to control the environment. Software systems are developed to control the environment. The physical environment is also synchronised with a virtual environment that can be accessed through the internet. The physical environment can be controlled through the virtual environment.

The DEIR is a research platform for Intelligent Environments (IE). The IE allows people to interact with computational systems the way they would with other people via gesture, voice, movement and context. The proposed simulation compliments the physical construct which allows people to interact with the room through any web browser at any place in the world.

It allows the study of the behaviour of the inhabitant and to build behavioural profiles. These profiles are important in embedding intelligence within DEIR by modelling the behaviour of a certain inhabitant over certain period of time. This intelligence would allow the system to make decisions on behalf of the inhabitant.

One main target is to embed efficient learning capabilities within DEIR, which makes it generalise and abstract from its experience. The learning capability is crucial for the intelligent systems as it is impossible to foresee all of the many different situations in which the system may eventually find itself.

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