Human Aspects in Software Engineering Lab (HASEL)

Our research projects are related to improving software practices and processes, with a focus on the human aspects of software engineering.

Our research

Our goal is to make it easier (and more fun!) for software teams to create user-friendly products. In the past, we've studied ways to improve coordination on software teams, investigated novel techniques to help software developers understand what users want from the software, and examined software developer work patterns.

We employ a variety of qualitative and quantitative research methods, including developing new methods and tools, data mining, repository analysis, social network analysis, interviews, surveys, and lab experiments.

We work collaborate closely with software companies, practitioners, and government agencies to ensure our research is relevant to industry.

Research themes

  1. Collaborative software development
  2. Software practices and processes
  3. Software requirements
  4. Software dependencies
  5. Software ecosystems
  6. Empirical software engineering
  7. Mining software repositories
  8. Diversity and inclusion in tech


Many of our topics are suited for Part IV, summer studentships, Masters, and PhD projects. We also welcome researchers and industry partners interested in research collaborations with HASEL. For more information, you can visit the HASEL webpage or contact Dr Kelly Blincoe.

Our people