Light Metals Research Centre

The LMRC is a dedicated centre for for light metals research, development and training.

The Light Metals Research Centre (LMRC) provides expertise in:

  • Aluminium smelting technology
  • Global light metals industry research and development
  • Problem-solving and technical support
  • University postgraduate qualifications and industry training
  • High-temperature processing engineering and materials
  • Surface science and materials characterisation
  • Light alloy manufacturing and continuous improvement systems
  • Leading-edge research facilities

We conduct fundamental research into smelter-grade alumina. Our LMRC engineers have vast experience in operation and control of all aluminium smelting business units. This experience has helped smelters to improve their operating performance by reducing energy consumption, reducing emissions and improving profitability.

Technical support

We provide technical support both at the client premises and in our laboratories. Onsite. we provide the following:

  • Smelter Audit: all sections of a facility, from the carbon plant to the potroom and bath processing facility
  • Operational Technical support: provision of best practice standards for operation in the potroom, rodding room and anode production facilities
  • Process Control: implementation of new control strategies on the aluminium reduction process based on our extensive experience
  • Emissions Control: expertise in fluoride emissions (summarised in our popular Fluoride Emission Management Guide), PFC's emissions and control of potroom dust emissions


Breakthrough technologies
LMRC has developed new technologies for aluminium smelting. These include Gen3- a revolutionary supervisory control system, and EnPot™ a Shell Heat Exchanger system that allows large scale power modulation.

The world’s first purpose-built centralised control system, which transforms aluminium smelter potline operations through a generational leap in management and control strategies. Gen3 comprises of smelter-specific software and database technology with management tools to create a comprehensive smelter control and management system.

Dedicated HF scrubbing laboratory
Controlling the use of Hydrogen Flouride (HF) gas through optimised pot design, operation and most significantly through the design and operation of gas treatment centres (GTC).


Postgraduate Certificate

The Postgraduate Certificate in Light Metals Reduction Technology (PGCertLMRTech) is a formal, University of Auckland accredited postgraduate qualification, and attracts students from all over the world. Find out more about it

For industry

We have been providing industry training courses for smelter personnel many years. The courses are conducted at client smelters and cover both fundamental and practical knowledge in reduction technology, carbon plant, rodding room and more. They are customised for the level of attendees — from beginner employers to experienced engineers, and can be proceeded in various formats and levels. A course that is focused on case studies and smelter management is more suitable for experienced engineers, compared to a course which is based on a series of lectures, tutorials, assignments and tests to deliver fundamental and practical knowledge for beginners. 

We limit attendees to up to 30 per course, and and each student will be assessed based on his performance in the assignments and the test at the end of the course. Those participants who successfully complete the course will be awarded a certificate of completion from LMRC. 

Our people