Research Centres, Institutes and Units

The Faculty of Engineering leads – and are closely affiliated with – a number of well-recognised research Centres, Institutes and Units.

Major research breakthroughs come from teams where the interplay of ideas from across disciplines can be combined to design innovative solutions. Our research expertise create a critical mass of groundbreaking activity in strategically important areas, bringing together expertise from wherever it is needed.

A facet of our faculty that we're exceptionally proud of is the degree of our cooperation and research interaction. Our research activities are not confined to our own disciplines; we encourage interdepartmental and cross-faculty collaboration. This ensures that our people have access to facilities and the creative, collaborative environment and expertise needed to enable them to be at the leading edge of international innovation.

Acoustics Research Centre

This Centre is a collaborative effort between experts from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Audiology, Architecture, and music and focuses on the research, teaching, and delivery of professional services. Find out more.

Advanced and Nanomaterials Research Centre

The centre has a wide range of materials processing and characterisation facilities, some of which are the only one of their kind in this country. Find out more.

The Auckland Bioengineering Institute

A cross-faculty entity with research focusing on the application of mathematical and engineering sciences to biology and human physiology. Find out more

Centre for Advanced Composite Materials (CACM)

With a focus on synthetic and bio-based composite materials, the CACM also deals with manufacturing processes and design, analysis, and experimental characterisation. Find out more

Centre for Automation and Robotic Engineering Science (CARES)

Largely led by researchers from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, CARES is an interdisciplinary group focusing on our University's international activity in robotics. Find out more.

Electric Power Optimisation Centre

Focuses on research that compels modern electricity markets to analyse and develop methods for efficient generation schemes and demand-side participation. Find out more.

The Geothermal Institute

Established in 1978, this is one of the world's premier centres for geothermal research, education, training, testing and consulting. Find out more.

Industrial Information and Control Centre (I2C2)

Dedicated to improve learning and expertise in industrial information and control, with aims to improve industry profitability and sustainability. Find out more.

Innovative Manufacturing and Materials Programme

The IMMP's network of over 100 researchers works with industry to enhance New Zealand's competitive position through discovery and technological development. Find out more.

Light Metals Research Centre

A reknowned centre dedicated to developing the light metals industry into one that produces high-value outputs using the world's best manufacturing processes. Find out more.

MechaMaTronics Research Unit

Our research involve the use of advanced fabrication techniques to integrade multifunctional materials into mechatronic devices. Find out more.


A New Zealand Centre for earthquake resilience, coming from five areas of multidisciplinary research led by experts from Universities throughout the country. Find out more.

Research Centre for Surface and Materials Science (RCSMS)

A unique research centre to New Zealand that specialises in facilities that provide data on materials characterisation, composition, and structure. Find out more.

Space Institute | Te Pūnaha Ātea

A cross-faculty space science and engineering centre committed to furthering New Zealand’s capacities in space. Find out more.

Transportation Research Centre (TRC)

Reputable for its excellent research that has enabled the centre to secure major funding from central government and industry sponsors, the TRC is dedicated to developing best practice in planning, design, construction, maintenance and the operations of transport systems. Find out more.

University of Auckland Centre for Earthquake Engineering Research (UACEER)

A facilitator of earthquake engineering research projects with input from structural, geotechnical, construction management, and water research engineers. Find out more.

Yacht Research Unit (YRU)

Well known for their contributions to the America's Cup, the YRU exists to coordinate and promote research and engineering activities within the University that are related to yacht construction, design and performance. Find out more.