Gordon Elinam Agbenyegah

Gordon chose a PhD in Chemical and Materials Engineering based on the constant facility upgrades and exceptional guidance from his supervisors.

“My research focuses on factors that influence the efficiency of molten aluminium production such as the economy, environment, health, process stability and gas treatment technologies. Aluminium production is very energy intensive and it also generates gaseous and particulate fluorides which when not captured, destroys plant and animal life. I gain satisfaction from working hard so that the outcome of my research can inform operators of the possibilities of reducing emissions and prevent harm to animal and plant life.

“I completed my undergraduate study in Ghana, leading to several years of work in smelting companies throughout Ghana and Qatar as a production engineer, operator and subsequently, supervisor. In pursuit of my passion to explore knowledge, I applied to study the University’s PGCertLMRT course held in Bahrain in 2010. Following that, I joined the programme as a Project Manager in Europe and the Middle East, and eventually enrolled as a doctoral candidate for the professional development opportunities it offers.

“The constant facility upgrades makes my knowledge relevant to our ever-changing world. I’m located at the Light Metals Research Centre, where they facilitated setting up a safe, dedicated and equipped laboratory at the Newmarket campus – the staff here are amongst the best in the industry, which made studying here an easy choice to make.

The guidance and room for innovation and creative thinking that my supervisors offer has been exceptional. I hope to continue making my findings and skills available to them towards building a world-class research centre, and dare say that without the support and facilities, my programme would just be another ordinary chemical engineering PhD study.