Morten Knapp

Morten is a PhD candidate and an ambassador for the Newmarket Innovation Precinct (NIP). This role keeps him up to date with everything happening at our Newmarket Campus while he studies.

Morten Knapp (right) in the Fluid Mechanics Lab at Newmarket.

"I ran some tours at the Newmarket campus before NIP was created. When NIP was formed, they wanted the tours and other campus events to be run by ambassadors. As I already had some experience running groups through labs, I was approached with the offer.

"I took the role because I take pride in showing my research, but I also enjoy learning about what’s going on at the campus and telling other people about it - maybe even making connections between labs that would otherwise never happen. All of these, and more, I can do as an ambassador.

"The ambassador role also gives me insight into other labs and teaches me about their capabilities. This has already helped me in providing materials I needed for my research, that I could not manufacture in our own lab or in the main workshop.

"I have developed good connections to most of the labs as I’ve organised some of the tours myself. When I organise a tour, it puts me in contact with a number of people and I also get a better understanding of what job opportunities may be out there for me, as I’m often talking to representatives of companies I had not previously heard of. This kind of contact with professional members of industry is a really valuable part of my role as ambassador.

"Assisting with hosting campus events for students and staff also allows me to interact more with other students from all over the faculty. This is a kind of interaction that unfortunately rarely happens outside of these events, since staff and students don’t always explore beyond their immediate surroundings. This is why we run these events and tours, to show people everything that’s happening at Newmarket Campus.

"My advice for potential future ambassadors is that you shouldn’t (and needn’t) be afraid of just walking up to people and talking to them. Students and staff are usually delighted to talk about their work. Being curious about what happens on campus and actively seeking out opportunities to find out more is important to the role of NIP ambassador."