Forest Fraser

As an undergraduate in Computer Systems Engineering, Forest has already developed skills that seen him contribute to companies in New Zealand and Japan.

“Computer Systems Engineering is an intersection between Electrical and Software Engineering, so we cover a wide range of topics. My favourite subjects in high school were always physics and maths so engineering was a logical choice, but I was initially unsure if I wanted to do Software or Electrical. I feel that choosing Computer Systems helped me quickly learn new and unfamiliar skills, and to define the specific areas I’d like to work in when I finish University.

“My courses provided a hands-on approach to learning. Unlike a pure software project, you could often see the impact of your code in the real world, like making an LED blink, or programming a robot to turn.

“I really enjoyed working on my Part IV project, a vision control system for a lightweight inflatable robot arm. It involved building the whole system so we had a lot of control over the project and got to make and evaluate many different design options. I had the opportunity to travel to a university in Japan to complete the project. It was a great experience – I learned a lot, not only about my project, but also about their student culture and environment.

“I was employed as a Product Development Engineering Intern at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare at the end of my third year. I got to work on an Android app for Bluetooth communication with a range of their sleep apnea devices. It was a valuable experience as I got to work in a professional setting and as able to receive advice and mentorship from some of the full time engineers there.

“While group projects are interesting in themselves, I like working with friends and making new ones. I've been playing futsal for the past year, and the games aren't too serious which is a short break from study during the day. Being near the city centre is nice too; it's so easy to go to good places to eat with friends. This just makes studying at University more fun!"