Rui Ding

Electrical and Electronic Engineering graduate Rui took her passions a step further with a Master of Engineering Management.

Qualification: Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering; Master of Engineering Management
Role: Protection and Control Engineer at Vector

I did my undergraduate degree at the University
of Auckland, so I was familiar with how everything worked, but it was really the flexibility of postgraduate study that interested me.

“I was drawn to the MEMgt after recommendations from my colleagues at Vector, and was attracted to its structure and content. I saw it as a path towards management opportunities in the future, so it fits my career progression goals.

“Initially, the programme helped me to engage with the management side of business. Later on, I got to better understand how business decisions align with a company’s goals. I've also had the opportunity to use my workplace as an example for my project topic – we looked at business solutions for our asset investment group. There's a lot of flexibility in the MEmgt and how you can make it suit your learning needs.

“I’ve used some of the management tools and theories at work, and they’ve proven to be very effective. Having a technical role at work also allows me to improve these particular capabilities on the job, but at the same time, my understanding of how business and management decisions work help me to make better choices in my daily tasks. My goal is to ultimately become a better engineer and this awareness has definitely helped.

“The programme is structured in a way that supports working people, with night classes and online courses available. You also get a chance to meet engineers from other industries and companies who are at the same point in their career as you.”