Vida Fox

Vida's love of mathematics prompted her choose Engineering Science.

“Engineering Science is an excellent choice for me because I was more interested in maths than in ‘traditional’ engineering itself.

“I’ve really enjoyed how challenging this degree has been so far! I liked learning to code. It’s something that I’ve never been exposed to prior to my time here, so it was satisfying to learn the logic and become competent at a new skill. While I never want to code all day as a job, it’s a useful tool to help solve a variety of problems.

“I want to work in high level analytics or management consulting. Both of these areas require good problem-solving skills and an analytical mindset, which my specialisation prepares me for.

“I grew up in Napier, which was quite different to a large city like Auckland. I’ve enjoyed the variety of activities to get involved in here; I have seen plays and Shakespeare, the NZSO, played indoor netball, joined the rock climbing club, and more! There is always something on to keep you entertained.

“What I like most about my programme is the people. The students across all levels are an amazing bunch, and the lecturers are relatable and approachable. We all get together throughout each semester for social events like BBQs and sports, and it’s amazing to be surrounded by so many intelligent people!”