Dr Eryn Kwon

Eryn is motivated by her PhD focus on developing new techniques for forensic research and helping make the world a safer place.

“I’m currently developing physical and computational models to study ballistic cranial splatter. By modelling a ballistic impact on a human head, I can develop a viable exemplar to be used in forensic research and studies.

“My decision to continue studying is based on my enjoyment of my undergraduate engineering degree at this University. I’ve completed my Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering and I’m now doing my PhD.

“My programme made me understand Albert Einstein and Raymond Serway’s reflection on the excitement of scientific discovery as ‘a marvellous time to be alive’. I see the thrill in overcoming challenges and finding solutions. The notion that my research might contribute to making society a safer place doesn’t hurt either!

“I love everything about my postgraduate programme! The laboratories, facilities and available resources contribute to letting me do something I’m passionate about. The University’s essential services also provided me with support when I needed it the most.

“Ultimately, however, it’s the people that makes this experience amazing. As a tutor, I can see that our staff are all passionate about teaching and will often work overtime to make sure our students have a positive learning experience. I also adore the University’s multicultural atmosphere – you can meet five people in one afternoon and they all speak a different language!”