Ryan Ainsworth

The Master of Engineering Management not only gave Ryan Ainsworth a solid grounding in the technical elements of a project, but the commercial drivers too.

Qualification: Master of Engineering Management
Role: Project Manager at Beca

“I wanted to gain an understanding of commercial business to complement the technical knowledge I gained in my undergraduate Engineering degree. The MEMgt’s ‘one year MBA for engineers’ philosophy is perfect for this, especially since I could tailor my programme to provide me with what was missing from the Engineering degree. The integration with business school also lets me progress towards an MBA, which I may do later in my career.

“I was given a good grounding for my current role as a project manager. I already know how to approach the technical aspects of a project, so I discovered how to tackle client budgets, contracts, and commercial drivers. Now I not just go to work to do my job, but also try to find ways of doing it smarter and more efficiently.

“I’m constantly learning. I’ve discovered throughout my degree and current job that no two projects are the same and that everything has its own unique challenge, and I plan to carry on with my career as a project manager with my new knowledge.

“I love that we take ideas and turn them into reality; the fact that I can look at a building or visit a place that I’ve had a hand in creating, and to know that I was involved. You just can’t beat that feeling. It gives me a great sense of pride in my work.”