Computing resources

For the Auckland Bioengineering Institute to succeed in its work, excellent computing and IT facilities are necessary.

So it's no wonder that we place great importance on maintaining our high standard.

To carry out research activities, our members use a diverse range of computing facilities, which are often tailored to specific projects or applications.

We have about 300 PCs and servers running Linux, IBM AIX, Microsoft Windows, and Apple OS X. Our dedicated IT team look after these and offer a broad range of related support services, including system/software installations, file serving and networking infrastructure, web and database services, and hardware troubleshooting and maintenance.

New Zealand eScience infrastructure

The Institute enjoys access to NESI computational resources over the KAREN research network.

Shared memory systems

 Shared memory system 1 

  • 48 processors, Intel Xeon 3.0GHz 
  • 1024 GB of memory 
  • Operating System: Centos 7.5

Shared memory system 2

  • 32 processors, Intel Xeon 2.6GHz
  • 512 GB of memory 
  • 1x Nvidia Tesla P100 GPU - 16GB memory 

Shared memory system 3 

  • 48 processors, Intel Xeon 3.0GHz
  • 1152 GB of memory 
  • 2x Nvidia Tesla V100 GPU - 32GB memory 
  • Operating System: Centos 7.5


65 TB of storage is provided via NFS filesystems using UoA ITS SAN infrastructure.