Hire our equipment

You are able to hire some of the laboratory equipment and have a technician on hand to help you.

How to book

Please contact Stephen Olding to discuss your requirements and to book a convenient time to use the equipment. The hire charges are presented below.

Stephen Olding

Technical Services Manager, ABI
Email: s.olding@auckland.ac.nz

Hire charges

Effective from 2018. All prices are exclusive of G.S.T and subject to change.

CNC machines

To use the CNC machine it costs $100 per hour with a technician.

Workshop and other equipment

The cost for the workshop and other equipment is $65 per hour with a technician.

MicroCT scanner and X-ray microscope

You can find out more about this equipment, including service information, bookings, opening hours and hourly rates.

More information: Hire our MicroCT and X-ray microscope.