Cloud 9

We set up Cloud 9 to nurture our fledgling spin-out companies in one space – where they can exchange ideas, work closely with their research groups and continue their R&D – until they are more established.

Alimentry logo

Spun out of the ABI Surgical Engineering Lab, Alimetry is developing game-changing gastric diagnostics.

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Apercure Surgical logo

Apercure is an early-stage, research-focused company aiming to commercialise radiological and surgical drain devices.

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Elbaware logo

A STaR Centre and MedTech CoRE spin-out company, Elabaware has developed a smart arm wearable with face-touching alerts to combat the problem of hand-to-face viral transmission.

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Avasa logo

Avasa is developing advanced medical solutions to simplify reconstructive microsurgery.

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Kitea Health logo

Kitea Health is building the next generation of micro-implantable devices for managing chronic health conditions.

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JunoFem exists to help women on their journey to pelvic floor health.

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Determ logo

Determ is dedicated to creating real-time digital twins of the physical world and transforming how we interact with these digital environments.

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Medlink logo

Spinning out from the ABI in 2021, Medlink Innovation provides design and development services to create innovative MedTech solutions for healthcare problems.

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Kiwrious logo

The Kiwrious Science Experience platform empowers students to engage in scientific inquiries in and out of school.

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