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After being nurtured at ABI during their start-up phase, many of our spin-out companies have proven their value to venture capitalists and attracted international investment, mergers or acquisitions.

Datum Consulting logo

Datum Consulting is an engineering and digital transformation consultancy to support companies transform their enterprise IT infrastructure.

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Envisage AR Logo

Envisage AR develops innovative Augmented Reality (AR) authoring tools to allow non-programmers to quickly create their own 3D AR scenes for commercial applications.

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FlexiMap Logo

FlexiMap are innovators in the research, diagnosis and management of functional gastrointestinal motility disorders.

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Formus Labs Logo

Formus Labs has developed the world’s first AI-automated 3D planner for joint replacement surgeries

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HeartLab Logo

HeartLab has developed AI-powered cardiology imaging software, allowing doctors to gather more information from echocardiograms in less time.

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Toku Eyes Logo

Toku has created an AI-based platform paired with retinal photography to enable early and accurate diagnosis of health conditions, including preventable blindness and cardiovascular disease risk.

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The Insides Company logo

The Insides Company builds chyme reinfusion solutions for intestinal failure and rehabilitation.

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Millar Logo

Telemetry Research provided wireless implantable devices for monitoring and collecting physiological data.

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The Clinician Logo

The Clinician is an innovative digital health company designed to enable the management of patient-generated health data outside traditional clinical settings.

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IMeasureU Logo

iMeasureU has created a wearable sensor and software platform to measure, manage and maximise human movement, and therefore optimise healthcare and sports rehabilitation.

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Soul Machines Logo

Soul Machines develops customisable, AI-powered digital avatars to identify and respond to human emotions.

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ElementX Logo

ElementX (formerly Spark64) is an AI engineering consultancy that specialises in helping organisations leverage cutting-edge AI in their business transformation journeys.

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Kitea Health Device, with pressure sensor, next to translucent human brain

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