Code of conduct

All students, professional staff and academic staff at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute (ABI) are expected to take responsibility for their actions and contribute to making the ABI a safe, diverse and inclusive community.

What we stand for

  • The ABI is a safe, inclusive and equitable environment for everybody, with zero tolerance for any form of bullying, harassment and discrimination. Everyone is expected to act in a way that ensures ABI remains a great place to be. The ABI is committed to providing a study and work environment characterised by impartial, merit based decision making, fostering fairness and respect for all members.
    • The ABI gives everyone the opportunity to represent their views and perspectives. But bear in mind that your right to freedom of expression comes with a shared responsibility to maintain an environment that respects and acknowledges the rights of others. It is not acceptable to imply ABI or University support for your views without obtaining that explicit agreement (see links below). Also, remember that presenting your opinion in public as a scientist gives you a special responsibility because scientists are expected to be objective and to base their assertions only on verifiable evidence.
      • The ABI does its best to ensure everyone can ask for help safely and effectively if they need it. If you are concerned about someone’s safety or wellbeing, please speak up.
        • The ABI maintains a clean and safe work environment, with access to appropriate research facilities. Everyone is expected to clean up after themselves, stay safe, and report any concerns.

        More information

        Please refer to the following links for more information regarding the ABI and University of Auckland’s policies and expectations for staff and students.

        Training courses on dealing with bullying, harassment, and discrimination are available to staff through Career Tools and will be available to students from semester 2, 2020, through Canvas.