How to apply

Follow our guide for applying for postgraduate study - Masters or PhD - at the Auckland Bioengineering Institute.

How to apply for a Masters or PhD programme

Steps for Masters of Engineering (ME) in Bioengineering or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Bioengineering:

  1. Start by contacting one or more of our supervisors to discuss potential research topics. You can find supervisors from our research groups and funded research opportunities, or register your interest with our Postgraduate Committee who can refer you to supervisors based on your interests.
  2. Once the supervisor agrees to work with you and a research project is agreed upon, you can then apply for the Masters or PhD programme by following the step-by-step guides below. You can start applying at any time during the year.

ME step-by-step guide

PhD programme step-by-step guide

Research proposal forms

When applying for the ME or PhD programme, you will need to fill out the ABI's Research Proposal Form with your supervisor(s).