ABI Strategic plan

ABI’s senior leadership along with its community strive to pursue the goals and subsequent priorities of our strategy, aligning ourselves with the University’s Taumata Teitei. We consider this an important step to secure a clear vision for our future direction – to improve the health and wellbeing of New Zealand.


Strategic goal #1 Grow talented people who are supported to be ambitious, with clear research or professional career pathways, and career development frameworks that help them to succeed

  •  Priority 1.1 Grow leadership capability in research management, staff development, and senior leadership roles
    4.5 Aspirational and inclusive leadership
  • Priority 1.2 Establish a supportive framework for talent development that respects diversity in thinking,gender, ethnicity, and culture
    2.5 Nurturing, recruiting, and retaining outstanding research talent
    4.3 Build a high-performing, diverse, inclusive, and equitable community
  • Priority 1.3 Provide a unique postgraduate training experience that strongly connects students with stakeholders and impact
    1.3 Education that is research-informed, transdisciplinary, relevant, and with impact for the world
    1.4 Graduates who make the world better tomorrow than it is today


Strategic goal #2 Grow the health, social & economic impact of our research through establishing & nurturing partnerships with Māori & other key stakeholders & growing our international engagement.

  •  Priority 2.1 Undertake and produce research of the highest quality with clear pathways to impact 2.3 Relevant, purposeful, impactful research for our communities
  • Priority 2.2 Establish genuine and sustainable partnerships with Māori, as honourable and respectful Te Tiriti partners 3.1 Strengthen and deepen our relationship with tangata whenua
  • Priority 2.3 Grow our international leadership and networks in areas of key strength, and increase recognition of our researchers
  • Priority 2.4 Grow our engagement in transdisciplinary research programmes, including emphasis on growing Māori and Pacific Peoples’ research leadership 


Strategic goal #3 Grow a research environment that supports our people to be ambitious by providing secure and sustainable funding from diverse sources, a network of national and international partners, and a culture of manaakitanga

  • Priority 3.1 Grow a diverse and sustainable funding portfolio
  • Priority 3.2 Develop partnerships with key community, clinical, industry and government stakeholders and international organisations 
  • Priority 3.3 Establish a world-class bioengineering facility in a fit-for-purpose building
    5.4 A distinctive, capable, and flexible built environment that celebrates our place in Aotearoa New Zealand and the Pacific
  • Priority 3.4 Foster a culture of respect and collaboration across all staff and students