Computational methods

The computational methods group researches and applies various computational methods to biological and medical problems.

We aim to develop and use engineering techniques such as the finite element method, boundary element method, finite volume method and such-like on physical problems in the fields of:

  • Bioelectrics
  • Solid and fluid mechanics etc.
  • Multi-physics and coupled problems such as fluid structure interaction, coupled electromechanics etc.

We aim to exploit modern high performance computing architectures including high performance interconnects using MPI, graphical processing units and floating point gate arrays.

Our Research Projects


Our main research project is the development of the OpenCMISS computational environment. OpenCMISS is a open source modelling environment aimed at the solution of bioengineering problems. It has been specifically designed to solve multi-scale and couple multi-physics problems and runs in parallel on high performance computers.

Learn more: OpenCMISS


Primary contact

Chris Bradley


Chris Bradley
Gene Soudlenkov
Mark Trew

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