Sports Biomechanics

We focus on community-responsive and collaborative Sports Performance & Injury Biomechanics projects.

This multi-disciplinary team use biomechanics, epidemiology, kinanthropometry, physiology and psychology to conduct research to prevent or minimise sports-related injuries and to improve sports performance.

Research Areas

SportSmart Injury Prevention

Collaboration with ACC to further develop the SportSmart injury prevention education programme, providing guidelines to help everyone get the most out of sport and stay injury free.

Primary contacts: Prof. Patria Hume, Dr Trevor Clark & Natalie Hardaker.

Sports Performance Technology

Collaboration with industry partners to develop and test sports performance technology (hardware and software) with elite athletes to children participating in sport.

Primary contacts: Prof. Patria Hume & Dr Brian Russell

Women's Sports Performance & Health

The Women's Sports Performance & Health research programme aims to enable girls and women to understand their physiology and their bodies. We research how the menstrual cycle affects performance and health, and help to create positivity around being a woman in sport.

Primary contacts: Dr Stacy Sims & Melissa Cuthbertson Moon

Sport Physique

Collaboration with International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry (ISAK) members on body physique and composition with applications for sport.

Primary contacts: Prof. Patria Hume & Prof. Deb Kerr

Brain Health

Collaboration with the Traumatic Brain Injury Network, National Sports Organisations, the International Repercussions Group, ACC, athletes and whanau affected by concussion to conduct research to help prevent, identify, treat, and manage recovery for athletes with sports-related brain injury.

Primary contacts: Prof. Patria Hume, Prof. Alice Theadom & Dr Doug King

GymSports Performance & Health

The Gym Sports Research Group conducts research to help improve performance and reduce injury risk for gym sports, including gym for all (mass participation), rhythmic gymnastics, artistic gymnastics (men's and women's), aerobics and trampoline sports. The Gym Sports Research Group brings together expertise from varied disciplines to inform best practice for organisations, teams and gymnasts around the world.

Primary contacts: Prof. Patria Hume & Assoc. Prof. Liz Bradshaw


  • Dr Ken Quarrie
  • Dr Doug King
  • Dr Trevor Clark
  • Dr Stacy Sims
  • Natalie Hardaker
  • Melissa Cuthbertson Moon
  • Prof. Alice Theadom
  • Dr Brian Russell


  • Prof. Jacqueline Alderson (Uni of Western Australia)
  • David Rayner (NZ Football)
  • Shawn Stuart (Basketball NZ)
  • Sharon Kearney (Netball NZ)
  • Dr Marrin Haggie (ACC)
  • Dr Sheralyn Hume (Hume Management Consultants Limited)
  • Assoc. Prof. Elizabeth Bradshaw (Deakin Uni, Australia)
  • Prof. Gareth Irwin (Cardiff Metropolitian Uni, UK)
  • Dr Hannah Wyatt (Canterbury Uni)
  • Dr Sayumi Iwamoto (Toyo Uni, Japan)
  • Dr Deborah Kerr (Curtin Uni)
  • Dr Masa Kagawa (Japan)
  • Dr Gary Slater (AIS, Australia)
  • Dr Kagan Ducker (Curtin Uni)
  • Dr Rodrigo Bini (LaTrobe Uni)
  • Dr Stephen Kara (Axis Sports Medicine)