Elective seminar courses

There are a limited number of spaces available in each seminar and these operate on a first-come-first-serve basis. The enrolment limit cannot be overidden for seminars.

If a seminar is full and you are interested in it, then keep checking over time to see if another student drops their enrolment and so makes a space available for you to enrol in. 

Degree Enrolment Instructions

MArch(Prof) and combined students:

  • If you need to complete two elective seminars in your degree, then they must be from two different subjects
    • eg: ARCHDRC 701 and ARCHTECH 707
  • All MArch(Prof) and combined version students need to enrol into the S01C stream of the seminar courses for onshore study.
  • MArch(Prof)HerCons the HERCONS courses are core within your degree and so cannot be taken as electives as well. 

MArch and PGDipArch students:

  • Enrol in the S02C stream of the seminar courses for onshore study.

MHerCons - Built Heritage students:

  • You are encouraged to take seminars in History, Theory, and Criticism (ARCHHTC 700-702), but you can also be considered for other seminar subjects. You will need to submit an enrolment concession for the seminar(s) you wish to take.
  • HERCONS subject seminars are core to your degree and cannot be taken as electives.
  • Other electives outside of Architecture are available.

Digital Course Outlines

The Digital Course Outlines are published a number of months before the start of each Semester and contain detailed information about each elective course. This includes the topic description, learning outcomes, assessment methods, and academic staff delivering the seminar.

It is very strongly recommended that you review the Digital Course Outlines for seminars so you can make an informed decision about your choices.

Below are the seminars being offered this year:

Semester One Seminars

  • ARCHHTC 702: History of Housing in Aotearoa New Zealand
  • ARCHGEN 733: Public Urban Space in the Contemporary City
  • ARCHPRM 702: Architectural Project Management
  • ARCHTECH 707: Designing with Resilience Thinking
  • ARCHTECH 708: Advanced Building Technologies
  • HERCONS 700: Heritage Processes
  • HERCONS 702: Conservation of Materials
  • HERCONS 703: Diagnosis and Adaptation

Semester Two Seminars

  • ARCHDRC 701: Timber Fabrication (Note: not available for online/offshore learning)
  • ARCHHTC 700: Pacific Architecture
  • ARCHHTC 701: Architecture and Political Philosophy
  • ARCHPRM 703: Transnational Professional Practice
  • ARCHTECH 709: Sustainable and Healthy Housing
  • HERCONS 701: Heritage Assessment and Conservation Planning