Stage One courses


Updated Wednesday 5 October 2022

Bachelor of Design 

Semester One:

  • DESIGN 100 and 101
  • A General Education course, or 
  • An AELR course if you need to complete this requirement

Semester Two:

Design conjoint degrees

Students need to carefully plan enrolments on both sides of the conjoint degree. You can use My Programme Requirements and the University Calendar, including course listings, to help you make sure that your enrolments are correct for your degree. To discuss planning your conjoint, and for further progression advice and support, contact the Student Hubs

The recommended Design courses to take in the first year of a conjoint:

  • BA/BDes, BCom/BDes, BDes/BGlobalSt, BDes/LLB, BDes/BMus, and BDes/BProp:
  • BDes/BSci - Computer Science major:
  • BDes/BSci - Psychology major:
  • BDes/BHSc:
    • Semester One: DESIGN 100 (30pts)
  • BDes/BE(Hons):
    • Semester One: DESIGN 101 (15pts)
  • BAdvSci(Hons)/BDes and BDes/BSci - all other majors:

Course information

DESIGN 100 - Design Methods and Processes 1

  • Course prescription: Introduces students to human-centred design methods and tools that range from problem framing to prototyping, modelling, and validating solution ideas. Students will address a variety of briefs based on real-world problems and contexts, exploring their personal creative potential through a series of hands-on projects supported by presentations.
  • Programme restriction: BDes and Design conjoint students only
  • Semester availability: Semester One
  • Location: City Campus
  • Points: 30

DESIGN 101 - Design Theory and Fundamentals

  • Course prescription: Introduces historical and contemporary drivers of design as a maker of socio-cultural meaning. Students will learn fundamental design principles used for communication and sense-making, applied across a variety of mediums and technologies. Students will be introduced to tikanga Māori and to the main ethical, socio-cultural, economic and environmental propellants of design.
  • Programme restriction: BDes and Design conjoint students only
  • Semester availability: Semester One 
  • Location: City Campus
  • Points: 15

Bring your own device - getting started

We recommended all Design students have their own laptop, although computer facilities are available on campus. View the suggested laptop and software requirements