Stage Three courses


Bachelor of Design students


Semester One:

Semester Two:

  • DESIGN 301 and 302

The BDes page has a degree structure diagram which can be used to help you plan your studies so you take these Stage Three courses at the correct time. 

Bachelor of Design conjoint students

You must complete DESIGN 300, 301, and 302 as part of the BDes requirements of your conjoint.

You need to carefully plan progresson through your conjoint degree to allow space for the completion of these courses, You should look to take DESIGN 301 and 302 towards the end of your conjoint to provide time for you to meet the prerequisites, and they must be completed together in the same Semester. 

DESIGN 300 - Design Research Methodologies

  • Course prescription: Introduction to a range of key design methodologies that inform contemporary design thinking, research and practice within Aotearoa New Zealand, with reference to Mana Moana philosophies of making and community. Drawing on methodological principles, students learn how to develop design strategies, apply design processes and test their design concepts. Consideration will be given to the phasing and planning of design investigations from data analytics to design concepts to practical methods and proposed solutions.
  • Semester availability: Semester One
  • Programme restriction: BDes and BDes conjoint
  • Prerequisites: DESIGN 100, 101 and 90 points from DESIGN 200-243
  • Points: 15

DESIGN 301 - Advanced Design Methods Capstone

  • Course prescription: Students will complete a major design project in collaboration with local stakeholders. Students will develop a design strategy in response to a real-world issue. They will engage in research and practical studio work, select appropriate methods, and use multiple tools and technologies to produce a prototype. Outcomes will be presented to and critiqued by design professionals.
  • Semester availability: Semester Two
  • Programme restriction: BDes and BDes conjoint
  • Prerequisites: DESIGN 200, 201 and 90 points from DESIGN 210-243
  • Corerequisite: DESIGN 302
  • Points: 45

DESIGN 302 - Critical-Technical Positioning

  • Course prescription: Students will produce a written account of their capstone project (DESIGN 301). The account will take the form of an essay or technical report supported by visual evidence. It will provide a critical contextualization of the capstone project in relation to global challenges, and use design theory to describe the project from problem framing through to execution.
  • Semester availability: Semester Two
  • Programme restriction: BDes and BDes conjoint
  • Prerequisites: DESIGN 200, 201, 300
  • Corequisite: DESIGN 301
  • Points: 15