We hold an excellent research record, and excel in the fields of bioengineering, fluid dynamics, operations research, signal processing, solid mechanics and geothermal engineering.

At its core, the research within our department involves the application of complex mathematical models to create solutions for a wide variety of engineering problems, broadly categorised under the following fields:

Operations Research

This is a scientific method employed to solve decision-making problems that involve the use of scarce or valuable resources. Following an interdisciplinary approach, it employs data analysis, statistics, mathematical modelling, optimization and computing to assist decision making in organizations, industry and many sectors of society. Examples include aircrew scheduling, electricity marketing policy and optimal ambulance system configurations.


Problems studied include modelling geothermal systems, petroleum reservoirs, tidal flows, sediment transport, the design of wind farms, blood flows, analyzing and designing manufacturing processes for composite materials, the development of improved models of soil behaviour and the associated geotechnical design procedures, and improving earthquake detection procedures.

Biomedical Engineering

Some of our academics are engaged with biomedical engineering research activities that incorporate aspects of mathematical modelling, bioinstrumentation and experimentation. A major theme is to improve the basic understanding of integrative biological function from the scale of molecular proteins to that of organ systems. The novel techniques developed and knowledge gained target a variety of biomedical applications including device design, disease diagnosis and therapy.

Research areas


Our staff who specialise in bioengineering carry out their research under the umbrella of the Auckland Bioengineering Institute. Find out more.

Fluid dynamics

Research that advances our understanding of flow phenomena through mathematical, computational and experimental means. Find out more.

Operations Research and Computational Analytics

Provides data-driven solutions to real-world decision problems via theory, algorithms, computation, and visualisation. Find out more.

Solid mechanics

Focused on the modelling of geomechanics, thermomechanics, geotechnical problems and manufacturing processes for composite materials. Find out more.

Coastal and Marine Science

Some of our staff are part of the Joint Graduate School in Coastal and Marine Science. Find out more.

Geothermal, reservoir engineering and environmental fluids

Focusing on research, teaching and consulting activities related to geothermal energy, particularly on the numerical simulation of geothermal reservoirs. Find out more.

Signal processing

Specialising in developing signal processing strategies for applications by adapting current models of signal processing techniques. Find out more.