Welcome from the Dean

Professor Gerard Rowe invites you to become part of a community dedicated to improving society through problem-solving, innovating, and improving the systems in our technologically-driven world.

Dean of Engineering Professor Nic Smith

An Engineering degree gives you the opportunity to play a leading role in society. Our graduates will continue to underpin New Zealand’s technological, social and economic development as they have for the past 100 years. We invite you to become part of an ongoing legacy by studying with a leading provider of engineering education in New Zealand and the Asia Pacific region.

Our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes offer a broad range of specialisations and subject areas that result in outstanding career choices, from the traditional, yet essential – civil and electrical engineering – to the new and innovative – biomedical and mechatronics engineering.

Your degree will contain the right mix of theory and practice. You will be taught by experienced lecturers and world-class researchers who will equip you with a thorough understanding of the engineering disciplines and prepare you to achieve your full potential. Our strong links with industry will additionally allow you to directly apply your theoretical knowledge to real-life situations.

With a degree from the University of Auckland, you will be recognised and sought after by employers here and around the world. Many of our graduates hold senior executive positions in engineering and business. You will also join our illustrious alumni community.

The journey starts here.

Professor Gerard Rowe
Acting Dean of Engineering