Welcome from the Dean

Dean of Engineering, Richard Clarke, invites you to become part of a community dedicated to improving society through problem-solving, innovating, and improving the systems in our technologically-driven world.

Engineers change lives.

As we seek to transition our society to green energy, build more resilient cities in the face of climate change, and design the next generation of robotic devices that improve the quality of life for thousands, the world looks to us for answers.

At New Zealand’s leading Engineering Faculty, you will be surrounded by people rising to that call, those who are excited to push boundaries and learn from each other. You will do so in our state-of-the-art Engineering buildings, located across the heart of Auckland city. Our labs and facilities, spacious student areas and Multidisciplinary Learning Spaces are all built with you in mind.

As a graduate of our Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) programme, you will also be highly sought after by our graduate employers. As a holder of a Washington Accord accredited degree that is recognised internationally, you will have a passport to solving the global socio-economic challenges of the day on the world stage.

And so, on behalf of our Faculty, I invite you to join us in taking your next steps in changing our world for the better.

Whakauru mai ki tō mātou kāhui ako.
Together, we can make a positive difference in our world.


Richard Clarke,
Acting Dean of Engineering.