Resources for postgraduate students

Where to find what you need throughout your time here as a postgraduate student.

General information

The Student Hubs

Your first point of contact for any enquiries you have about your programme, courses or the support services we have within our faculty. Find out more.

University postgraduate support services

Get information on the personal, academic and financial support available throughout University. Find out more.

Information for new doctoral candidates

The University's comprehensive guide for all new PhD students. Find out more.

Undertaking your research

A guide to intricate policy matters and procedures relevant to postgraduate study. Find out more.

GTA/TA applications

High-performing Part IV students and postgraduates are invited to express their interest in becoming a Graduate Teaching Assistant or Teaching assistant. Apply now.

Resources for PhD students

Policies and guidelines on research, funding, and fees for PhD students. Find out more.

IT Essentials

All the instructions and information you'll need about our hardware and software facilities for all students. Find out more.

Security access

Engineering postgraduate students are generally entitled to building access between 7am and midnight, seven days a week. Access to specific labs and facilities will be based on your programme needs and specifications, and is thus subject to your department's approval and safety policies. Find out more

Health and safety

Ensure that you're familiar with our faculty and University's health and safety policies. Find out more.

Libraries and Learning Services

The University of Auckland's Libraries and Learning Services provides resources and services to meet our research, teaching and learning needs. Find out more.

Assessment information

Regulations, results, and what to do if you've missed a test or assignment. Find out more.

Health services

University Health and Counselling offers primary healthcare and counselling services to all students. Find out more

Second-hand textbooks

Second-hand books are sometimes available at the beginning of each semester. Our campus bookshop, ubiq (formerly UBS), provides a limited number of second-hand textbooks to be purchased in person. You can also check the notice boards throughout the faculty, or online retailers. Find out more about ubiq.

Clubs, networks and associations

A variety of social, academic and interest-based clubs and associations are run by engineering students, for engineering students to meet each other and network outside of formal study. Find out more.


Find out more about our faculty's locations and campuses.

University Calendar

The University of Auckland Calendar is an official annual publication that details all your programme and course requirements. Find out more

MyAucklandUni student portal

The student portal contains personalised information, including your calendar, timetables, email notifications, course updates, library information, financial information and personal details. Find out more.

Postgraduate advisers

Our Associate Deans (Postgraduate) can provide assistance with matters on policy and developmental oversight. Contact them at

To get advice on specific course offerings, research projects and potential supervisors, contact a departmental postgraduate adviser.

Support services

Engineering Student Development and Engagement team

Our faculty The student engagement team supports students from Orientation through to employment, and runs initiatives for those with specific needs. Find out more.

AUSA advocacy

The Auckland University Student Association (AUSA) provides academic, financial and general assistance. They can offer advice on issues such as enrolment and academic challenges, financial assistance and support for disciplinary issues. Advocacy is available by emailing out more.

University Proctor

The University Proctor mediates disputes – both academic and personal – along with any allegations of bullying or harassment. Find out more.

More contacts for support

Fees and money matters


The University of Auckland website provides information on fees, student loans and allowances, and any help that is available for financial hardships. Find out more

Scholarship and funding

Get extra information on what internal and external funding options are available, or search for a scholarship for engineering students. Find out more

PReSS accounts

The Postgraduate Research Student Support scheme is designed to assist students undertaking a research masters or PhD programme with specific costs. Find out more.