299: Workshop Practice

299 Workshop Practice is a compulsory component of your Engineering degree and must be completed in Part II of the BE(Hons) before you progress to Part III.


299 Workshop Practice is carried out in the second year of your BE(Hons) programme. This is a zero-point practical component of the BE(Hons).

This course provides you with the opportunity to become confident with new tools, equipment, and techniques for creating physical objects and mechanisms in a variety of materials. Skills learned in the course enable analogous learning about design process for later courses, and empowers students to apply this experience in internships, the workplace, and projects while they study.

Course components:

  • Introduction and pre-inductions: Introduction to the course, the project, and the workshop spaces and staff are conducted online via videos on Canvas. Pre-induction modules must be completed before attending the in-person induction for each workshop space.
  • Digital Tools sessions: Students learn 3D printing, laser cutting, and circuit board soldering during in-person induction sessions in each of the relevant MDLS workshop spaces (at City Campus). They must then use what they've learned to produce components for their electric motor.
  • Mechanical Tools sessions: Additional workshop safety topics and mechanical prototyping methods are presented in extended [1/2-day] sessions at the Newmarket Student Workshop (at Newmarket Campus). Students work with teaching staff to construct, troubleshoot, and test their project.

Workload Expectations

You can expect 2 hours of online video lectures and room inductions, 6 hours of Digital Tools sessions and project work on City Campus, and 14+ hours of Mechanical Tools sessions and project work on Newmarket Campus.

This is an on-campus practical experience. Attendance is required at scheduled sessions to complete aspects of the course. Completion of the course requires demonstration of your working project. You will be closely supported by our staff who can assist and answer your questions. There is no test or exam.


Towards the end of each year, Part I students are invited to nominate their preferred engineering specialisation for Part II. Once your specialisation has been confirmed, you will need to enrol in the 299 version of your specialisation through Student Services Online i.e.:

BIOMENG 299 Biomedical Engineering
CHEMMAT 299 Chemicals & Materials Engineering
CIVIL 299 Civil Engineering
COMPSYS 299 Computer Systems Engineering
ELECTENG 299 Electrical & Electronic Engineering
ENGSCI 299 Engineering Science
MECHENG 299 Mechanical Engineering
MECHTRON 299 Mechatronics Engineering
SOFTENG 299 Software Engineering
STRCTENG 299 Structural Engineering

Our Academic Services team will also add you to the 299 Workshop Practice Canvas page so you can begin your pre-inductions as soon as possible.

Please note: non-completion of 299 Workshop Practice in Part II will result in a Did Not Complete (DNC) on your record, and you will be required to re-enrol the following year and complete the course in FULL.
This process of re-enrolment will continue until you successfully complete the course.