Acoustics is the field of science associated with the generation, propagation and effects of sound.

The Acoustics Research Centre undertakes theoretical, computational and experimental research on a broad range of subjects within the field of acoustics.

Our research

Current research areas of interest include:

  • Building acoustics: Rain noise, sound propagation in lightweight buildings, acoustic performance of novel building materials.
  • Aeroacoustics: UAV rotor noise
  • Vibroacoustics: Modelling and predicting sound radiation and transmission using a hybrid wave and finite element method, optimisation of materials to reduce noise
  • Communication Acoustics (electroacoustics, audio signal processing, spatial acoustics, psychoacoustics, auditory perception, and sound reproduction): source separation and noise reduction, source localisation and identification, active sound control, acoustic cloaking, sound field synthesis, masking sound, speech intelligibility. Find out more.
  • Acoustic energy harvesting, thermoacoustic engines

Prospective postgraduate students are encouraged to find out what projects are available via FindAThesis.

The Acoustics Research Centre PhD scholarship offers three years' funding for research in the field of Acoustics. Information on this scholarship can be found on the University's Scholarship page.

Further enquiries can be directed to Associate Professor Yusuke Hioka and Dr Michael Kingan.


The anechoic chamber

Our laboratories include three large reverberation rooms, the anechoic chamber and listening room, and a range of instrumentation that supports academic research and commercial work. We also provide professional services within the field of acoustics. Find out more about the Acoustics Testing Service.


  • MECHENG 370 Electronics and Signal Processing
  • MECHENG 371 Digital Circuit Design
  • MECHENG 325 Dynamics of Fluids and Structures
  • MECHENG 705 Mechatronics Systems
  • MECHENG 722 Engineering Vibrations
  • MECHENG 726 Acoustics for Engineers