Short courses

We're offering a new short course for mid-level professionals in Robotic Process Automation.

Contact time: 30 hours with tutors
Fees: $2,300 + GST (introductory fee; places are limited.)

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) involves the use of software to manage digital, data-driven tasks. It’s one of many new fields that have emerged from our rapidly evolving world of technologies such as AI and machine learning.

To remain prepared for technological changes, professionals — regardless of their industry — need to keep learning new skills and setting themselves apart in the employment market.

We're here to help upskill mid-level industry professionals by offering a short course in RPA. Get in touch if you're interested in developing a new skill, upgrading your CV, and future-proofing yourself for upcoming trends in IT.

Our RPA course


  • Duration: once a week over five weeks
  • Dates: Tuesdays from 25 May 2021
  • In-person sessions at our City Campus
  • Weekly resources and Q&As 
  • Industry-specific projects
  • Collaboration and networking with peers

Learning outcomes

  • Familiarity with necessary programming skills for operating and optimising UiPath, a widely-used RPA tool
  • Understanding of RPA concepts and best practices for specific industry applications

Course structure

  • The first half of the course will involve identifying organisational processes that can benefit from automation, and what preparations are needed before they can be applied with RPA
  • The second half of this course involves more technical work and learning the actual skills required to create a RPA solution using UiPath
  • UiPath has kindly offered a 50% discount on their certification exams for those who are taking this course

Course instructor

Dr Craig Sutherland spent years as a software developer before returning to work as a Lecturer in the Department of Electrical, Computer and Software Engineering. His research focuses on improving the interactions between humans and robots.