Needle-free Jet Injection

Jet injectors create a hair-thin jet of fluid that travels at 200 m/s and can deliver drugs though skin and tissue to a depth of 20mm. The ABI & MIT Bioinstrumentation Labs have developed the world’s first jet injectors that are actuated by highly-controllable, quiet, and reversible linear electric motors.

We tightly control the motion of the motor throughout the entire process of injection. This approach allows us unprecedented control over the precision of jet drug delivery. Delivered volume and jet speed are electronically selected by the user, and can be varied during delivery. Our device can deliver a wide range of liquid drugs in a single injection or over many smaller injections.


Insulin Delivery and Blood Extraction

Using our highly controllable, reversible electric motors we aim to measure blood glucose concentration and deliver insulin with the same device. This involves using the reversibility of our devices to suck up a small blood sample before measuring glucose concentration and delivering the required amount of insulin.

Injector Development

We are working toward improving many aspects of our jet injectors, and using them to better understand the important issues associated with this drug delivery technique. This includes the use of lasers to measure injection depth, developing new techniques to deliver larger volumes, and understanding how parameters such as orifice shape or fluid viscosity affect fluid delivery.

New Applications for Jet Injection

We are testing our jet injection devices in a range of drug delivery applications. Our current focuses include:

  • Insulin delivery for diabetics
  • Dental local anesthetic
  • Jet injection of nicotine to help people quit smoking

Key publications

  1. Taberner A, Hogan NC, Hunter IW. Needle-free jet injection using real-time controlled linear Lorentz-force actuators. Med Eng Phys. 2012 Nov.
  2. Williams RMJ, Ruddy BP, Hogan NC, Hunter IW, Nielsen PMF, Taberner AJ. Analysis of Moving-Coil Actuator Jet Injectors for Viscous Fluids. IEEE Trans Biomed Eng. 2016 Jun.
  3. McKeage JW, Ruddy BP, Nielsen PMF, Taberner AJ. The effect of jet speed on large volume jet injection. J Control Release. 2018 Jun 28.


  • 2014 New Zealand Innovators Award Winner "Innovation Excellence in Research" and Highly commended in "Innovation in Health and Science".

Lab members

Primary contact

Andrew Taberner
Phone: +64 9 923 5024


James McKeage
Poul Nielsen
Bryan Ruddy
Andrew Taberner


Nick Do
Bahareh Madadkhahsalmassi
Jiali Xu

Collaborators & international links

Funding partners

  • Science for Technological Innovation National Science Challenge, New Zealand Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.
  • Medtech Centre of Research Excellence 
  • Nicotine funding