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Recent publications

  1. Iravani A, Thambyah A, Burrowes KS. A Viscoelastic Two-Dimensional Network Model of the Lung Extracellular Matrix. Biomech Model Mechanobiol. 2020. doi: 10.1007/s10237-020-01336-1. 

  2. MH Tawhai, AR Clark, JG Chase, The Lung Physiome and virtual patient models: From morphometry to clinical translation, Morphologie 103 (343), 131-138, 2019. 

  3. AR Clark, KS Burrowes, MH Tawhai, Ventilation/perfusion matching: of myths, mice, and men, Physiology 34 (6), 419-429, 2019.

  4. H Minaeizaeim, H Kumar, MH Tawhai, C King, EA Hoffman, M Wilsher, D Milne, AR Clark, Do pulmonary cavity shapes influence lung function?, Journal of biomechanical engineering, 141(11).

  5. Y Zhang, M Osanlouy, AR Clark, H Kumar, C King, ML Wilsher, DG Milne, EA Hoffman, MH Tawhai, Pulmonary lobar segmentation from computed tomography scans based on a statistical finite element analysis of lobe shape, Medical Imaging 2019: Image Processing 10949, 1094932.

  6. SE Morton, J Dickson, JG Chase, P Docherty, T Desaive, SL Howe, GM Shaw, M Tawhai, A virtual patient model for mechanical ventilation, Computer methods and programs in biomedicine, Vol. 165, pp. 77-87.

  7. Addo DA, Kang W, Prisk GK, Tawhai MH, Burrowes KS. Optimizing Human Pulmonary Perfusion Measurement Using an in Silico Model of Arterial Spin Labelling Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Physiol Rep. 2019. 7(11):e14077.

  8. Ebrahimi B S, Tawhai MH, Kumar H, Clark AR. Wave Reflection in an Anatomical Model of the Pulmonary Circulation in Local and Global Hypertensive Disease. Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. 2019 Jul;2019:4973-4976.

  9. W Kang, MH Tawhai, AR Clark, RC Sá, ET Geier, GK Prisk, KS Burrowes, In silico modeling of oxygen‐enhanced MRI of specific ventilation, Physiological reports, Vol. 6(7), 2018.

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