Can we help your research in Women's Health?

Learn about our expertise and facilities that may help you with your research goals.

As an Institute we want to drive improvements in women’s health by offering novel technologies to:

  1. Understand physiology in women
  2. Understand mechanisms of disease development, and
  3. To improve health outcomes by creating patient-specific treatment options

Researchers at the ABI working in women’s health span disciplines from health professionals through to instrumentation engineers and mathematicians.
ABI research groups investigating women’s health include the Pelvic Floor Research Group, the Biomechanics for Breast Health Group, and the Pregnancy Health Group. We welcome any interest in developing new, complementary research projects.

Our Expertise and Facilities

Bioinstrumentation: We develop new devices that can be used to measure physiological parameters such as pressure and muscle stiffness.

Clinical trials: Our devices are currently being implemented into clinical projects in collaboration with our clinical partners. Measurements from these devices have potential not only to inform clinical practice, but also to provide much needed quantitative information for computational modelling.

Computational modelling: We create ‘virtual organs’ (models) that simulate function in the body. We use these models to predict function that we can’t see directly to improve understanding of physiology.

Imaging and image analysis: We specialise in using computational tools to interpret and analyse clinical imaging, both to improve understanding of organ structure in health and disease and to predict outcomes of therapies.

Implantable devices: We work closely with the implantable devices group, which create wireless data acquisition systems that can be implanted or positioned for long-term monitoring of physiological signals, including pressure, ECG and blood flow.

For more information please contact Jenny Kruger or Alys Clark.