Part II Assistance Centre

The Faculty of Engineering employs current high-achieving Part III and IV students to provide free academic assistance and tutoring to Part II students on a drop-in basis.

This initiative is available to help you with all your courses throughout Semesters One and Two if you're specialising in the following:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechatronics Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Computer Systems Engineering
  • Software Engineering

The Part II Assistance Centre will operate in two different modes depending on the University guidelines regarding remote (online) or in person teaching. Sessions may be hosted over Zoom or at the Leech Study Area in Level 3, Building 401 of the Faculty of Engineering. Students will be regularly advised via email about the current mode of operation.

Civil and Structural Engineering

Part 2 Civil and Structural Engineering mentors

Mentor availability

Sessions hosted at the Leech Study Area
Monday, 1-2pm
Wednesday, 1-2pm
Thursday, 1-2pm

Sessions hosted over Zoom
Wednesday, 1-2pm
Meeting ID: 968 7923 9765
Zoom link:


Semester 1
CIVIL 202 Fluid Mechanics and Pipe Flow
CIVIL 203 Transport Design and Geomatics Design
STRCTENG 200 Introductory Structural Mechanics

Semester 2
CIVIL 200 Intro to Geotechnical Engineering
ENVENG 200 Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering
STRCTENG 201 Civil Engineering Materials and Design

Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering

Part 2 Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering mentors

Mentor availability

Sessions hosted at the Leech Study Area
Monday, 4-5pm
Tuesday, 12-1pm
Wednesday, 2-3pm

Sessions hosted over Zoom
Wednesday, 2-3pm 
Meeting ID: 966 6413 7536
Zoom link:


Semester 1
MECHENG 235 Design and Manufacture 1
MECHENG 242 Mechanics of Materials 1
MECHENG 201 Introduction to Mechatronics

Semester 2
MECHENG 211 Thermofluids
MECHENG 222 Dynamics
MECHENG 236 Design and Manufacture 2 (Mechanical specialisation)
MECHENG 270 Software Design (Mechatronics specialisation)

Electrical, Computer, and Software Engineering

Part 2 Electrical, Computer, and Software Engineering mentors

Mentor availability

Sessions hosted at the Leech Study Area
Monday, 3-4pm
Tuesday, 1-2pm
Wednesday, 2-3pm
Thursday, 11am-12pm

Sessions hosted over Zoom
Wednesday, 2-3pm
Meeting ID: 942 9099 6934
Zoom link:


Semester 1
COMPSYS 201 Fundamentals of Computer Engineering
ELECTENG 291 Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
SOFTENG 281 Object Oriented Programming
SOFTENG 282 Software Engineering Theory

Semester 2
ELECTENG-COMPSYS 209 Analogue and Digital Design
ELECTENG 292 Electronics
ELECTENG 204 Engineering Electromagnetics
SOFTENG 206 Software Engineering Design 1 (Software Specialisation)
SOFTENG 283 Software Quality Assurance (Software Specialisation)
SOFTENG 284 Data Structures and Algorithms

Our mentors

Part 2 Assistance Centre mentors

Our mentors receive training and maintain close contact with course coordinators for Part II courses throughout the semester. They will have resources on hand — including copies of course books — to help you with any of your queries.

We encourage you to take advantage of this service whether you're struggling or not. After all, they can just as easily help you turn that ‘B’ into an ‘A+’ as much as they can help you with a pass when you risk a fail. While we can’t help you with your actual assignments, we can guide you through similar example problems in your course handbooks.

Becoming a mentor

We look to our most academically able students to help support others as they commence their studies. All current Part II and III students (to become Part III and IV the following year) with a GPA of 6.0 or above are welcome to apply.

In recognition of the contribution peer mentors make, we will provide the following support to ensure your experience as a Part II Mentor is as positive as possible:

  • Training
  • Close collaboration with members of the Part II course teams
  • Payment for the hours spent as a Part II Mentor (with a rate of $25 per hour)

Appointment is not guaranteed, as applications for the role of Part II Mentors usually exceed the number of shifts available. Appointments are made on a semester-by-semester basis and based on a combination of your application, availability and agreement to the following conditions:

  • Availability for, and attendance at Part II mentors training and paid feedback sessions
  • Availability for a minimum of one hour each week. Hours will vary based on courses
  • Commitment to completing a brief online summary of mentoring activity after the end of each shift on a shared Piazza Forum
  • Commitment to maintaining accurate records of all assistance provided to demonstrate effectiveness of Part II Assistance Centre
  • Commitment to help promote the services of the Part II Assistance Centre through brief presentations to first year students
  • Commitment to wearing branded clothing during your shifts to help promote the visibility of the Part II Assistance Centre

Previous experience in mentoring in groups such as Uniguides, STEPS, SPIES or HKESA, or tutoring for a private organisation, is essential.

If you’re interested in becoming a mentor or would like more information, get in touch with our Student Support Adviser, Lili Posada.