Compulsory BE(Hons) degree components

You must complete several compulsory components in order to complete our Bachelor of Engineering (Honours).

These courses are worth no credit, but they ensure the quality of our degree and enables you to be career-ready upon graduation. They are also purpose-built to helps us assess our students’ capabilities so we can provide the appropriate support where necessary.

Part I: Your common year

Part I of our BE(Hons) is a common core year, designed to expose you to all nine of our specialisations. You'll study a broad base of engineering and professional fundamentals, such as engineering design, mathematical modelling, and software development.

ACADINT A01 - Academic Integrity

All new undergraduate and postgraduate students at the University of Auckland must complete this academic honesty course in their first year.

This is an online course designed to introduce the University’s rules on academic conduct. It covers topics such as copyright, plagiarism, the academic environment and the consequences of academic dishonesty.

You’ll work through a series of five modules that take approximately 20 minutes each. They feature scenarios you may encounter throughout your programme of study, followed by a test.

Failure to complete ACADINT A01 may block your second year enrolment. You can start your Academic Integrity course on the ACADINT A01 page.

ENGGEN 199 - English Language Competency

This course helps the Faculty of Engineering to establish your English language ability, both written and spoken. Completion of ENGGEN 199 is compulsory, including for those admitted directly into Part II, with no exceptions – this includes native speakers, or someone for whom English is a second language.

ENGGEN 199 involves the completion of a 30 minute Diagnostic English Language Needs Assessment (DELNA) screening. These take place in one of the University’s computer labs. We strongly encourage you to book a screening during Orientation Week to complete this requirement early. You do not need to enrol in ENGGEN 199, as the only requirement is the completion of your DELNA requirements.

For most students, completion of this screening is sufficient. Results are not graded beyond an indication of whether you have completed (CPL) the course.

In some cases, the DELNA team may make further recommendations, requiring the completion of a two hour diagnosis. This must be booked before the end of the semester. If this further diagnosis indicates the need for extra work on your academic language skills, you may have to undertake a programme of language skill development coordinated by the University’s English Language Enrichment centre (ELE). You will not be permitted to enrol in any further courses until you have met all of the requirements for ENGGEN 199.

Please note that ENGGEN 199 is a formal prerequisite for the compulsory Part II course, ENGGEN 204 - Managing Design and Communication. Failing the complete the DELNA screening means you won’t be able to enrol in this course.

Please check with the DELNA team if you have completed a DELNA screening for another programme at the University of Auckland to see if you require a further screening. The Faculty of Engineering must receive confirmation from DELNA before this requirement is accepted as having been completed.

General education

You're required to complete one General Education course in Part I of your BE(Hons) – this is a distinctive feature of our University's degree, designed to broaden your education.

General Education is aimed at producing graduates with flexibility, critical thinking skills, and an appreciation and understanding of fields outside their usual area of study. There is usually a diverse range of subjects to choose from, including a number of interdisciplinary courses.

Beyond your first year

The BE(Hons) contains two major practical elements underpinned by engineering theory. You will be spending a significant portion of your programme completing these essential courses: