Study a masters in Health Projects

The health infrastructure sector is calling for a diverse workforce to deliver crucial health projects in Aotearoa New Zealand over the next two decades.

Project managers

With our ever-growing population and an increasing proportion of older people across the globe, the health infrastructure sector is growing rapidly. In Aotearoa, the Ministry of Health has allocated a substantial investment towards upgrading current infrastructure and facilities to accommodate the growing needs of our population. Te Whatu Ora - Health New Zealand is committed to delivering these capital investment programmes towards improving New Zealand’s health infrastructure, although there is a noticeable shortage of skilled project managers who specialise in health projects. 

Te Whatu Ora - Health New Zealand was established on 1 July, 2022, replacing the 20 district health boards across New Zealand to manage the provision of health services and deliver functions at local, regional and national levels. This reformation enables people to have access to consistent quality care when they need it, no matter where they live, fostering improved health and a better quality of life amongst our communities. 

Recognising the critical need for skills specific to the health sector amongst project managers, Te Whatu Ora Northern Districts have collaborated with the University of Auckland’s Faculty of Engineering to create the Master of Engineering Project Management in Health Projects (MEPM-H) programme

This innovative programme builds on the University’s existing Master of Engineering Project Management programme, and further integrates courses on health system organisation and leadership from the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences. Through this enriching learning experience, the programme will also draw on responsibilities to minimise health disparities by improving health outcomes for Māori and Pacific people.

This is where the health infrastructure industry needs you. If you have an undergraduate degree in engineering and at least two years of professional experience, the MEPM in Health Projects could be the perfect opportunity for you to build on your engineering foundation and expand your career possibilities into the world of health infrastructure. 

Don’t have a background in engineering? Not to worry—if you are qualified in a relevant discipline and have professional experience, you may still be able to join the programme and work towards transferring your skills and experience to diverge into an exciting new career in health project management. Relevant disciplines could range from architecture, construction and technology, through to science, information technology and commerce. 

Leveraging on the University’s connections with the New Zealand Ministry of Health, as a student of the MEPM-H programme, you’ll have access to invaluable opportunities where you could provide research projects, case studies, guest lectures and site visits. Upon completion of the programme, you’ll be well-equipped with a comprehensive skill set that will prepare you for roles such as health projects manager, health administrator or health infrastructure developer. Within these roles, you’ll be able to manage health infrastructure and development projects, and play a vital role in implementing the pivotal health projects taking place in New Zealand over the next two decades. 

Alongside the MEPM-H programme, there are paid traineeships on offer by the Centre of Excellence - Health Infrastructure (CEHI). As a trainee with the CEHI, you’ll get the opportunity to work on a variety of projects right from the get-go. You’ll also receive ongoing support from experienced project managers at Te Whatu Ora - Health New Zealand. 

As a future project manager in the health infrastructure industry, you’ll be serving Aotearoa’s multicultural communities. It’s important that our workforce of project managers represent the diversity amongst our people.  Scholarships have been made available to Māori and Pacific students who apply for a traineeship with the CEHI, to take part in the MEPM-H programme. 

Now’s your chance to make a real difference in our society. Come and join us at New Zealand’s leading university and engineering faculty, where we have an excellent track record in the project management field. Our staff in the Faculty of Engineering are committed to helping you become successful in the soaring sector of health infrastructure. Take on the Master of Engineering Project Management in Health Projects; build a rewarding career for yourself, and a better future for the people of Aotearoa.