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Find the programme that meets your study and professional goals in Architecture, Urban Planning, Urban Design or Heritage Conservation, and information about combined masters programme or doctoral study.

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Architects today face an exciting and challenging future where sustainability, climate change, evolving technology and the increasing complexity of human society must all be taken into account. Our programmes reflect all these requirements, and ensure you graduate well equipped for a rewarding career in architecture or in a range of other design-based roles.

Career options in architecture include: architect*, architectural historian, building industry consultant, building technologist, digital design professional, design-based librarian or archivist, film designer, heritage architect, interior designer and project manager.

*Following successful completion of the MArch(Prof) and professional registration.

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Urban Planning

A broad range of urban planning subjects are available including urban design, land use economics, urban planning law, policy-making and implementation, community and economic development, housing issues, Māori perspectives, cultural and heritage planning, infrastructure provision and urban ecology. With a University of Auckland planning qualification, you will be well equipped for a range of career opportunities, both in New Zealand and overseas.

Career options in urban planning include working in central and local government, community groups, Iwi authorities, NGOs and private practice. Auckland graduates are currently employed throughout New Zealand, Asia, the Pacific, the UK, Europe, Australia and North America.

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Urban Design

Urban designers are highly sought after all over the world. The Master of Urban Design (MUrbDes), the only such degree in New Zealand, will equip you with knowledge and skills in urban design theory, principles and practices, sustainable development futures, the role of physical and social infrastructure in cities, and the economic context of urban investment and development.

Career options include: urban designer; city, strategic, regional or transportation planner; resource consent planner; property development manager; business development adviser; environmental planner; iwi planning officer and policy analyst.

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Combined Masters

The built environment disciplines of architecture, urban planning, urban design and heritage conservation all operate collaboratively. People work in teams, and the teams are often multidisciplinary. More than this, once in the workforce, individuals often progress beyond the discipline in which they trained. For example, architecture graduates find work not only as practising architects, but also as urban designers, project managers, interior or landscape designers, digital specialists and heritage consultants.

Our combined Masters degrees prepare you for the multidisciplinary nature of the workforce and employment opportunities, effectively giving you the learning from two Masters degrees, but in less time than it would take to complete the two separately.

Find out about the combined Masters programmes offered by the School of Architecture and Planning:

Doctoral study

The School of Architecture and Planning offers advanced research qualifications in architecture, urban design and planning.

To learn about the types of study and available supervisors, visit Doctoral study in the School of Architecture and Planning.