Support for transgender students and staff

Resources available for our transgender community in the faculty, on campus, and beyond.

Rainbow Engineering

Launched in 2015, Rainbow Engineering is the faculty’s LGBTITakatāpui+ group. We focus mainly on social connection and support, and bringing people together over games and food. We also advocate within the Faculty of Engineering on behalf of Rainbow students, and we’re building connections with industry so that students get an idea of what it’s like as a professional engineer.

We’re student-led, with the support of the Student Development and Engagement team and the faculty’s Equity committee. We’re open to all students and staff, and membership is free! You can get in touch and get added to our mailing list via at

WEN Allies

Our Women in Engineering Network (WEN) launched the WEN Allies initiative in early 2020 with a purpose is to contribute to a “safe, inclusive environment for all by including everyone in the conversation”. While WEN advocates for anyone studying engineering who self-identifies as a woman, and believe that the solutions to discrimination and unconscious bias cannot be solved without input from everyone.

With the WEN Allies initiative being refined over upcoming years, the network hopes to launch resources such as diversity training modules, events, mentoring opportunities, and more. Get in touch with WEN via their website.

Trans on Campus

Trans on Campus is a university-wide group for trans and non-binary students and staff to socialise, seek advice and discuss issues facing the trans community in the university space. Some key discussions include the prevalence of safe, clean gender neutral bathrooms across campus and the ability to change names and other details in the university system. Contact JJ (she/they) to join.

Around Campus

  • Gender-neutral bathrooms on Campus: Find out more
  • Funding for legal name changes (birth certificate and passport): Find out more
  • Changing your name in the University system after a legal name change: Download the form

Resources from Gender Minorities Aotearoa

  • A useful glossary of terms for cishet people looking to educate themselves, as well as Te Reo Māori terms. Find out more.
  • Changing your name and gender legally, including on your birth certificate, drivers license and passport. This often isn't a difficult process but changing your gender on a birth certificate takes a lot more guidance. Find out more.
  • Medical information, including potential funding for laser hair removal and voice therapy through WINZ. Find out more.
  • Resources and access within different DHBs. Find out more