Course enrolments

To complete the BE(Hons), you must complete each of the core courses for your specialisation. If you fail a course you must repeat it in the next available semester.

A student will not normally be permitted to enrol in Part II unless Part I has been completed, Part III unless Part II has been completed, or Part IV unless Part III has been completed.

Except where specifically stated, courses listed on this page are not electives. If a course is failed, it must be repeated.

General guidelines

You may enrol in courses after final examination results and conceded passes have been released.

Before enrolling you should consult your programme requirements in Student Services Online, as this will provide you with the most up-to-date information about courses required to complete your degree. You can find course lists and degree requirements in:

Out-of-schedule electives

If you wish to enrol in an elective course that is not listed as an option in the schedule for your specialisation, is outside of your department or is from another faculty, the course must be assessed for relevancy and approved.

You are required to apply for an enrolment concession to gain approval from the departmental course adviser. If the course is not approved but you proceed with enrolment anyway, it is possible that the course will not be counted towards your degree.

Enrolment concessions

You will need to complete an enrolment concession approval form if:

  • You are a split-part student
  • You are studying a conjoint programme
  • You have failed at least one course in the most recent academic year
  • You wish to take an elective not listed in the Engineering Undergraduate Handbook

You will be prompted to apply for a concession when enrolling in your courses through Student Services Online.

Changes to enrolment/courses

Changes to enrolment can be made online until the second Friday of the semester. Any changes to after this will incur a fee.

Conjoint students

If you are undertaking a BE(Hons) conjoint programme it is recommended that you discuss your courses with advisers from both faculties annually, as well as consult your programme requirements in Student Services Online. Your normal course load is 135 points over two semesters.

If you do not have the necessary course pre-requisites or have a timetable clash, you will need to apply for an enrolment concession. Faculty staff will process your application and enrol you in the requested courses where appropriate.

Part I

All students take the same courses in Part I, including:

At the end of Part I you will select your specialisation, and concentrate on it over the next three years of your BE(Hons). Find out more about the core Part I courses.

Enrol in your courses through Student Services Online. Do this as soon as possible; classes fill up quickly. If you don't complete your enrolment by the prescribed deadline, your place in the programme may be withdrawn. Please also enrol in the tutorial and lab streams associated with your courses where available.

Part II and beyond

You will choose your Engineering Specialisation before commencing Part II. There are limited places for each second-year specialisation and every effort will be made to ensure that you receive a place in your preferred specialisation if you successfully pass Part I.

If you are a Part I student, you will formally notify the Faculty of Engineering of your intended choice of specialisation in Part II towards the end of your Part I year. Failure to complete the online application by the deadline may mean that you miss out on your first (or subsequent) preferences.

You will be sent an email advising you of your allocated specialisation between mid-December and the end of February. The allocation may be conditional on completion of failed courses at Summer School. To ensure a place in your desired specialisation, you should use Summer School to repeat any failed courses.

ENGGEN 299: Workshop Practice

All Part II students are required to register for and attend an approved Workshop Practice course before they enrol in Part III. The faculty will enrol you in ENGGEN 299 once you've completed Workshop Practice at the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) or Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT).

Practical Work reports

Practical Work reports are an essential component of the compulsory Practical Work component of our BE(Hons). There are two practical work report intakes each year.

To be eligible to graduate in May of the following year your final report should be submitted between the specified dates in March of that year.

Other criteria

Direct entry into Part II

Once you have accepted your offer of place, enrol in your courses for the year via Student Services Online. Students given direct entry in Semester Two must discuss their enrolment with the appropriate department and refer to their specialisation's degree schedules. Note the following:


  • You must complete ENGGEN 199 in Semester One
  • You will not be able to enrol in ENGGEN 204 unless you have completed ENGGEN 199
  • You will not be able to proceed to Part III until both requirements above have been completed
  • You must still complete ENGGEN 199 regardless of:
    • Whether you are a native speaker of English or not
    • Whatever other credit you may have been awarded for Part I

Split-part students

You may enrol in your courses online – provided you have not failed a course – when the examination results (including conceded passes) have been released. You will be able to enrol online in courses up to 120 points.

Make sure you consult your programme requirements in Student Services Online, or seek departmental advice to ensure that you complete courses in the correct order.

You will be prompted to apply for an enrolment concession in Student Services Online when enrolling. Once your application has been approved by the faculty, the Student Hubs staff will enrol you in the course.

Failing one or more courses

If you have failed any course you will only be automatically approved to enrol in incomplete courses in that Part.

You need to seek approval for any courses at higher levels. If you failed two courses in Part II, for example, you will be able to enrol to complete the failed courses, but will need approval for enrolment in any Part III courses. You may enrol online when examination results and conceded passes have been released.

You will be prompted to apply for an enrolment concession  in Student Services Online. Once this has been approved by the faculty, the Student Hubs staff may enrol you in the appropriate course(s).

Help and advice

If in doubt, you are strongly advised to: