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We're committed to addressing the challenges of tomorrow. Our passion for developing creative, informed solutions can be applied to the many issues facing communities worldwide.

See how we're researching the fundamental elements that make up the physical environments of our future, as well as their industrial applications.

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We take on many aspects of our built environments – from sustainability concerns to management, legislation, infrastructure assessments, and more.

Building better

Find out how our technical insights inform the recovery of post-disaster communities and to help prepare those in high-risk environments.

Engineering society

We largely aim to improve supplies and use, so we're actively involved in sustainable energy, the search for new power sources, and more.

Powering our world

Business principles and engineering knowledge collide in broad areas, from disaster response to the life-cycle of software development.

Planning solutions

We investigate the technical, regulatory, ethical, social and economical factors aligned with some of the world's most essential industries.

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We develop technologies for the prevention, treatment and management of illness, and the preservation of physical and mental wellbeing.

Improving our quality of life

We cover a broad spectrum in the field – from hardware such as parallel computing and high-performance systems, to applications development and management.

Smart problem-solving

Research into processes, systems, operations, quality management, logistics, and how industries may adapt to increasingly prevalent new technologies.

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Our fundamental studies in materials of all scales allow us to consider possibilities in areas such as smart devices, novel materials, and new product design.

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The application of mathematical knowledge and powerful computing technologies to solve complex problems in various industry sectors.

Finding the best solutions

As these technologies quickly evolve with huge impacts on modern society, we learn how they can be utilised to effectively interact with, and help humanity.

Programming towards change

See how small components, and processing technology can affect how we measure and control many aspects of our day-to-day lives.

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Studying the optimisation of Electric Vehicles, surfaces, commuter and driver behaviour, noise pollution, and infrastructure and efficiency.

Driving change

Our fundamental studies into the creation, propagation and effects of sound have been applied to a variety of areas within biology, infrastructure, and more.

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We tackle the big challenges in the field by understanding the technical, fundamental, social, economical and cultural contexts of our environments.

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A list of research areas and facilities across our five departments.

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