Is a PhD right for me?

The Faculty of Engineering has a lot to offer you as you commence your doctoral study with us.

The PhD is an advanced degree requiring you to have substantial research skills and rigour from your prior research degree, as well as a curious mindset. These are essential toolkits for handling uncertainty, working independently, translating the essence from large amounts of information, accepting criticism, and most of all staying motivated when the going gets tough. 

As a doctoral candidate at the University of Auckland's Faculty of Engineering, New Zealand's leading engineering faculty, you'll receive a variety of benefits to support you throughout your journey. This includes access to a range of world-class facilities, such as:

  • A dedicated workstation with network printing facilities
  • Hot desking workstations for part-time students
  • Shared study spaces alongside other doctoral students
  • Advanced research in world-class laboratory facilities
  • High-quality academic and professional staff, teachers and researchers
  • Collaboration opportunities with other universities around New Zealand and abroad
  • Exposure to prestigious academic publishers and wider engineering community 
  • Networking opportunities with visiting scholars
  • Access to a wide range of online resources including journals and publications
  • Tailored weekly drop-in sessions with main supervisors and co-supervisors.
  • Writing support groups, retreats and workshops
  • Academic and doctoral pastoral support

At the Faculty of Engineering, we are committed to fostering your professional development through various initiatives, including a Graduate Teaching Assistant programme to support those who are new to teaching.

Beyond the facilities and services we offer within our Faculty, you can also experience University-wide incentives, which include: