Principal investigators group

Find out more about who runs ABI, including details about the Director, Deputy Director, Principal Investigator Group, budget-monitoring and administrative staff.


Distinguished Professor Peter Hunter is the Director of the Auckland Bioengineering Institute. He is responsible for academic, administrative and strategic leadership.

Peter also sits on the University's Senior Management Team (SMT), which is an advisory group to the Vice-Chancellor.

Learn more: Dist. Prof. Peter Hunter.

Deputy Director

Professor Merryn Tawhai is the Deputy Director. She’s responsible for assisting and advising the Director, as well as providing the Principal Investigators group with direction and guidance on administrative and research policy.

Find out more: Professor Merryn Tawhai.

Principal Investigators Group

This is the academic and administrative decision-making body for the Institute.

The Principal Investigators are Institute and Institute-linked academics who lead research projects by raising grant money, supervising graduate students and generally contribute to Institute infrastructure.

You can find information and contact details about members of the group by searching our staff directory.

Discover more: Staff directory.


  • Iain Anderson
  • Thor Besier
  • Mark Billinghurst
  • Leo Cheng
  • Peter Hunter 
  • Simon Malpas
  • Poul Nielsen
  • Martyn Nash
  • Bruce Smaill
  • Andrew Taberner
  • Merryn Tawhai
  • Alistair Young

Associate Professors

  • David Budgett
  • Peng Du
  • Justin Fernandez
  • Ian LeGrice
  • Suranga Nanayakkara
  • Mark Sagar
  • Alan Wang

Senior Research Fellows & Research Fellows also regularly attend. 

Admin managers

Institute Operations Manager

Nina Pettersson-Fox
Phone: +64 (0) 9 923 3836
Directory information: Nina Pettersson-Fox

Research Programme Manager

Kristen Chalmet
Phone: +64 (9) 923 4688
Directory information: Kristen Chalmet

Research Operations Manager

Natalie Solomona
Phone: +64 (0) 9 923 6556
Directory information: Mrs Natalie Solomona

ABI Development Manager

Dr Nicole Bassett
Mobile: 021 2462801
Directory information: Dr Nicole Bassett

Business Development Manager - Strategic Growth

Dr Pau Medrano-Gracia
 +64 (0) 9 923 6908
Directory information: Dr Pau Medrano-Gracia

Research Information Tech Manager

Matt Wilson

Phone: +64 (0) 9 923 2165
Directory information: Matt Wilson

Finance Business Partner

Maria Fung

Directory information: Ms Maria Fung

Technical Services Manager

Stephen Olding

Phone: +64 (0) 9 923 5808
Directory information: Stephen Olding

General enquiries

Phone: +64 9 923 3175 or 923 6369