About MicroCT

MicroCT is

  • X-ray computed tomography of small sample volumes at high pixel resolutions 
  • Results in a 3D dataset of X-ray attenuation throughout the sample, which allows 3D visualization and analysis
  • A non-destructive imaging mode so you get your sample back.

MicroCT is also an X-ray microscope

Quickly get 2D projection images of structure and density differences in your sample.

MicroCT excels at:

  • Revealing, in 3D, internal details within your whole sample
  • Lets you see an internal problem in your sample
  • Minimal preparation – mostly. Staining for some samples
  • Provides cross-sections at the orientation you want
  • Multiple 2D and 3D analyses to characterise your sample
  • Dry or wet samples
  • Produces stunning images for your report or thesis!


Auckland Bioengineering Institute
Level 1
70 Symonds Street, Auckland, New Zealand 1010
Core hours of operation: 9.30am-4.30pm


Dane Gerneke
MicroCT Facility Manager
Phone: 021 045 8867
Email: d.gerneke@auckland.ac.nz