About the Business School

The Business School has an unconditional commitment to quality teaching and research in topics that are forward-focused and relevant to the commercial world.

Our mission is to educate and cultivate world-class graduates across a range of business subjects.

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Where great ideas are generated, knowledge is shared, and enterprises prosper and flourish.


The Graduate School of Management is here to support your professional learning journey, enhance your career and your contribution to your organisation.

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A leading accounting and finance department in the Asia-Pacific region, we are renowned for research excellence and innovative teaching.

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Welcome to the Department of Commercial Law, home to one of the largest groups of commercial lawyers in Australasia.

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Learn about the staff, learning and research opportunities at the Department of Economics.

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The Department of Information Systems and Operations Management (ISOM) is well known for its excellence in teaching and research.

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Learn about the staff, learning and research opportunities at the Department of Management and International Business.

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We are recognised for a unique combination of breadth in knowledge and varied international research perspectives.

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The Department of Property prepares students for an exciting and challenging career in any branch of the property profession in New Zealand or abroad.

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A place where anybody can create what they imagine, design for today and prototype for tomorrow.

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The Academic Skills Team provides support to undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Business School.

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Read about the wide number of ways in which alumni and friends of the University can provide support for its mission.

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