Passport to Business

A career development programme for first year Business students, to help you explore your career opportunities and learn from industry professionals.

What is Passport to Business?

Passport to Business is a career development programme for Business School students that takes place in Semester Two.

The programme is for first year students. Also eligible are those who started their studies in semester two of the previous year.

The programme aims to give you a better understanding of yourself and your career preferences. With this greater understanding you will create your individual career plan, which will enhance your long-term career development and improve your employability.

Industry professionals are actively involved in the programme - guest speaking, attending networking events and delivering video interview training. High-performing students will also have the opportunity for a simulated interview with industry representatives. In previous years, participation in such activities gained some students direct entry to an assessment centre.

You need to apply for this limited entry programme. If you complete all components of the Passport to Business, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

Benefits of the scheme for students

  • Improve your employment prospects
  • Develop your networks
  • Engage with industry
  • Be job ready
Employers from all industries agree on one thing - good grades are not enough. From marketing firms to accountancy, they are looking for the 'well-rounded student'.
"Understanding yourself, being well connected and being prepared are crucial to your success in the job market. Completion of the Passport to Business programme will greatly improve your employability prospects.This is a unique opportunity and one that I encourage you all to sign up for." Business School Employer Liaison Manager

Benefits of the scheme for industry professionals

  • Development opportunity for aspiring managers to enhance their interview technique through delivering a mock interview with high-performing students
  • Opportunity to spot talent and enhance your brand at the industry networking event
  • Recognition that when Passport to Business appears on a student’s CV or transcript it is an indicator of enhanced self-awareness and developing career competence

Programme content

Stage 1: Know yourself

Who am I?
Get to know yourself by identifying your skills, values, interests and personality

Group session 1
Programme outline
Personality differences

Group session 2
Values, skills, job and industry preferences
Career anchors and motivators

Individual work
Submit mock job application
Submit LinkedIn profile
Attend career workshops and complete reflective logs

Stage 2: Connect yourself

What is out there for me?
Discover the job opportunities available by researching industry

Group session - creating work futures
Guest speakers

Individual work
Conduct and submit informational interview
Submit career plan

Stage 3: Market yourself

How do I connect?
Advance your marketable identity

Group session - communicate your competitive edge
Networking with industry

Individual work
If chosen, attend industry events

Employability workshops

In addition to the above, you will attend career workshops on employability topics (eg, CVs, Interviews and Psychometric testing). These workshops run during the breaks as well as during teaching periods. We recommend that where possible you attend those run in the breaks as this will help spread the workload for you.


  • "I would really like to thank the Passport to Business team, as the experiences and opportunities available to the participants of the programme were truly invaluable! We are all in such good stead to apply for internships and graduate roles now, and the networking and interviews with large firms are experiences we would never have access to elsewhere. So thank you!”
  • “The networking events were outstanding and I was amazed by the quality of the programme.”

Apply now

Apply for the 2023 programme now. Applications are to be submitted by 9am, Monday 26 June.

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